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What is a Honeypot?

A honeypot is a way to actively fight back against spam!

There are thousands of spam bots right now scouring Internet websites, they follow all links they can find looking email addresses. when they find one they automatically put them into their spam database.

They collect thousands (or millions) of addresses and start sending them spam. Of course, part of a spammers revenue comes from selling those addresses to other spammers. Quickly any email address published on the Internet will receive hundreds of unwanted messages every day.

MX Guarddog allows domain administrators to create a list of honeypot addresses for their domain. You can then publish your honeypot addresses and when a spam bot comes by they pickup these honeypot addresses.

A honeypot address is a trap, when we receive email at one of our traps the sender is immediately flagged as a spammer. This system works because humans can read and understand the content of a webpage, but a spam bot can't.

We have 10 fresh email addresses for you spam bots. These addresses do not belong to actual users, so humans should not send any email to them.

Kick Spamassassin's Ass! Thank you for offering such a needed service, I love it!
J. MacPherson

We have now deployed mxguarddog for five of our clients and use it on our own exchange server. Out of the box with no configuration it works brilliantly, the quarantine emails are great for the end user.

This system outperforms many commercial spam filters we have sold in the past.

Allan Napier
Engaging IT

We are using MX Guarddog on a few different domains and love it. It has helped tremendously with keeping our time on useful tasks rather than sifting through SPAM.

It seems to just get better and better as well. I can’t say enough about how much we appreciate the service.

Carson Green

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